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Raku, meaning “Ease, Pleasure, Enjoyment”,  is an outdoor firing process which originates in Japan from 16th century. 

The actual firing of each piece is a communion between myself and mother nature.

Removing the pot from the kiln while the glaze is molten and thrusting it into sawdust. I then have to control the flames and smoke to achieve wonderful aesthetic results. Because the nature of the glaze is porous, Raku pottery is non functional.

Raku Matt Coloured Vase

Raku Flat Bowl

Raku Round Vase

Raku Open Vase

Raku Altered Cylinders

Raku Ball Vase

Raku Coloured Ball Vases

Raku Ball Vases

Raku Ball Vases

Raku Open Bowl

Raku Open Bowls

Raku Ball Vase

Raku Ball Vase


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